Ordinary people do
extraordinary things!
Our Mission
“GOAT USA strives to inspire every person to be the greatest version of themself.”
Our Values

GOAT USA believes in a standard of excellence and putting forth our best effort to our co-workers and customers. Improvement is essential to our service. If you have suggestions, we are all ears.

Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean. Here at GOAT USA, we believe in the power of community to create positive change. Here are just some of the communities we are active in: First Responder's Children's Foundation, Youth Sports Programs, and Primary and Secondary Schools.

GOAT USA is a bonding experience for families. A common ground for all, young and old.

GOAT USA's mission is to inspire every person to be the greatest version of themself. We take inspiration from all the people we have met and continue to meet on our journey!

GOAT USA loves discovering new ways to improve our company. Collectively, our team continues to strive do our best each and every day!

From our product to our personnel, GOAT USA always strives to bring a buzz and promote good feelings.

The strength of our team does not only lie in our combined experience and expertise but our ability to trust each other no matter what the circumstances. We know that our best work is not produced by individuals but by enjoying collaboration as a team and supporting each other every day. This team mentality extends to our customers and partners.

Fresh out of college

Following a brief and successful run at selling beer t-shirts, we created our own brand and named it GOAT USA. The inspiration came as the expression "GOAT" expanded from our everyday conversations with friends to the broader cultural firmament. We had the vision to put a face to the phrase - hence we created our logo, Chuck the GOAT!

Outside of one previous batch of t-shirts, we were strangers to the apparel industry.

Confident and ambitious, we started modestly in Billy O'Keefe's basement (Rich's grandfather) and built GOAT USA by introducing ourselves to people at live events of all kinds- street fairs, youth sports, concerts, you name it! We brought an infectious buzz and unparalleled positive energy that allowed us to build a great connection with folks from all over the country.

Just a few short years later...

We've learned a few things as we built a lifestyle and apparel company that receives orders nationwide each day.We've enhanced our digital presence, learned about fabric, printing, and other clothing developments. We opened our own retail store one mile from where we grew up and expanded our wholesale presence to 36 states.

New milestones and successes.

New milestones and successes have become norms since our modest beginnings in the summer of 2016. While embracing accomplishment, we have our eyes set on climbing to the top of the apparel industry.

In addition, we must acknowledge the support of our family, friends, and fans as we continue to pursue our dreams!

Father and daughter pointing to their GOAT USA headwear in an indoor setting
Two girls smiling and embracing one another on a porch
Chalk drawing on sidewalk of GOAT USA goat logo with white bucket hat in the frame
Dog wearing white winter hat
Woman standing in front of American flag banner

Meet the GOAT USA Guys

Man sitting on park bench looking into the distance

Dylan McLaughlin

Man sitting on a park bench pointing towards the camera

Rich Alfaro

Man in park wearing sweatshirt and hat

T.J. Cristina