About Us

GOAT USA is a lifestyle and apparel company dedicated to providing quality and stylish products that promote a positive message.  The term “GOAT” is an acronym representing the Greatest Of All Time.  GOAT USA celebrates both an inclusive and aspirational concept of overall wellbeing captured in our motto “ordinary people do extraordinary things - ANYONE CAN WEAR THE CROWN”.

Meet the GOAT Guys

Dylan McLaughlin

Rich Alfaro

T.J. Cristina

Fresh out of college,

following a brief and successful run at beer t-shirts, we created our own brand and named it GOAT USA. The inspiration came from repeatedly hearing the expression “GOAT”, an acronym standing for “Greatest Of All Time”. With this expression in mind, we had the idea to put a face to the phrase we’d heard so often in popular culture, and created our logo Chuck the GOAT!

Outside of one previous batch of t-shirts, we were strangers to the apparel industry. Confident and ambitious, we started in Billy O’Keefe’s basement (Rich’s grandpa) and began to build by introducing ourselves to people at live events. Bringing a buzz and providing an incredibly positive energy allowed for us to develop a great connection with people all over the nation!

Just a few short years later, we’ve learned a few things and built an apparel business that receives orders from all over the nation everyday. We’ve enhanced our digital presence, and learned about fabric, printing, and other components in the clothing world.

The new milestones and successes have become norms since our modest beginning in the summer of 2016. While embracing accomplishment, we have our eyes set on climbing to the top of the apparel industry.

In addition, we must acknowledge the support of our family/friends/and fans have given us the ability to pursue our dreams!

-The GOAT Guys 

Dylan McLaughlin, Rich Alfaro, and TJ Cristina

About Us

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