MARCH 14th

 marks the beginning of the legend of the goat “Chuck.” Born as your average goat, Chuck held his ambitions high. He dreamt of being the best goat on the farm.  As time went on, all of Chuck’s goat friends began to grow while he remained small. He was never going to be the best goat on the farm, he was simply too weak.

During school, Chuck and his friends would race to the top of a hill. Chuck was always afraid to race because he knew that everybody was bigger, and that he would lose. Not only would he lose, he would be looked down on. He knew he had to keep racing if he was ever to meet the other goat’s expectations. Chuck raced everyday and repeatedly came in last. Day by day, Chuck continued to lose races, never failing to not compete in a race. He knew in order to be the best he must be the first to the top of the hill.

While other goats slept, Chuck would work. He would run bigger hills, sometimes mountains. This little goat never gave up on his dreams. His friends would call him foolish. They would say that a goat this small could never win a race to the top of the hill. It was impossible. While his friends chirped, Chuck ran. Everyday he ran more feet! More yards! The thought of beating everyone to the top was all but a dream, it was an obsession. There was no talent, only hard work.

Six years later, by the time the goats became adults, races moved from hills to mountains. The other goats felt the pressure of racing on a mountain. Chuck felt nothing because he has been preparing for this for many years. Chuck felt strong because he has felt weakness; he was fearless because he has been afraid, wise because he had been foolish. Chuck would not be denied. It was his time to be THE goat of the farm and from that day on he did not stop. Thus was born the legend of “Chuck” the GOAT!

CHUCK this out!

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