Design your own GOAT USA logo

This is your change to flex your creative skills and showcase your rendition of Chuck the GOAT. The top entry is featured in the GOAT USA Spring 2022 Collection and receives $400 cash!💰

Goat image

Create Your Own GOAT Contest 2021

How does it work?

During the contest window (November 15 - December 26, 2021), enter your GOAT creation to the contest by uploading your artwork to the link, "SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK". After the submission is approved by the GOAT USA team, your creation may be viewable at the gallery that includes many of the entries in one location, "SEE ALL ENTRIES".

The GOAT USA team is excited to view your magnificent creations! We highly encourage you to share the Contest with family and friends. Artists are welcome to submit more than one entry!

Best of luck!

Create Your Own GOAT Contest 2021